Weight: 153.8 lbs (-2.2, -3 net)

Feeling somewhat back on track. I went to a personal trainer and she kicked my ass! But she said I had great form and was “obviously athletic”, which felt great because I was feeling like a blob after not working out for a few weeks (…and gaining 7 pounds). My back was KILLING me again, and the personal trainer said it might be because my glutes have like zero flexibility, and the muscles might be so tight that they’re straining my back. She showed me some good glute stretches (I guess I didn’t realize I was neglecting the area with my regular stretching). The next day I was hurting quite badly, but lucky for me a had a doctor’s appointment. I was hoping she’d give me some magical reason for my back pain but… she referred me to a physical therapist. I’m sure it’ll be great, I’m just nervous about the possibility of a long, painful recovery, or worse yet, NO recovery and a life of chronic back pain :/ I’ve been able to keep working out, but bending over or bending forward is extremely hard so I have to be careful. I hope going to physical therapy will help. 

Next week I’m flying to Boston for work, and I’m going to try to indulge sensibly… But they have cannoli there! CANNOLI!!


Weight: 156.0 lbs (+7.2, -.8 net)

Hi guys. Some of you may have noticed I haven’t been around lately. Well… about 3 weeks ago when I was running, my back started to hurt really bad. I went home and tried to stretch, but I was in so much pain I could barely move for the next 24 hours, and for the last 3 weeks I’ve been in a ton of pain, barely even able to bend over to pick anything up. After doing multiple things to help my back, the pain finally subsided and I just worked out/weighed in for the first time in a long time. Yes, I gained a lot of weight. For me, dieting and exercising go hand-in-hand; I feel compelled to eat healthy if I’m spending a ton of time exercising, but I definitely take a “fuck it” approach with food if I’m not working out. So I spent 3 weeks pigging out and watching Game of Thrones. And naturally I’ve paid for it with a pretty significant weight gain. I signed up for a gym yesterday, one that is far too close to consider driving to, so I’ll be getting my running in when traveling to and from the gym, and do weight training there. Today I actually ran my fastest mile EVER on my way to the gym…?! I’m disappointed that I lost nearly ALL of my progress, but I’m just so glad I feel better. For a while I was worried my back would never stop hurting…


Weight: 148.8 lbs (-.8, -8 net)

Lots of 8’s in today’s weigh-in! I even weighed myself after eating, so conceivably I lost even more weight. Exciting :) Running is really working for me. I’ve been kind of slack in my eating habits (going out to lunch with the coworkers way too much), so if I clean up my eating a bit I should see even more results!

Ironically, I’m pretty sure 148 lbs is the heaviest someone my height “should” be to still be healthy. Apparently that extra .8 lbs makes me obese, still :b weight charts and BMI are such a joke.


Weight: 149.6 lbs (-1.4, -7.2 net)

Hello! I’ve pretty much quit tumblr so I haven’t been updating much, but I find that it does help keep me motivated and accountable. Been running faithfully every other day, doing the workouts from my running app (I use RunKeeper). Even though it’s only been about 3 weeks, my legs are definitely sleeker, and my cellulite seems to FINALLY be diminishing a bit. It’s probably my biggest insecurity (I highly doubt I’d ever be comfortable in public in a swimsuit, regardless of how thin I was, if I had my current level of cellulite :c ), so I am VERY happy to finally see some changes there. Seems that the combination of running + HIIT is working well for me. Excited to see my result for the month :D And this is the first time I’ve been under 150 lbs in a LONG time!

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Since July 1 is a weekday (no time to take measurements in the morning when it’s ideal) and I’ll be gone all this upcoming weekend, I’m doing my progress stats now!

June 30
Bust: 36 (-1)
Waist: 28.5 (-.5)
Hips: 41.75 (-.75)
Arm: 11.25 (no change)
Leg: 21 (-.25 x2, -.5)
Ankle: 8.75 (no change)
Calf: 14.5 (no change)
Total: -3.5 inches (-11.5 total)
Weight: 150.4 lbs (-6.4 total)

Yay! Progress! And this was with a fairly bad month since I had to miss so many workouts. Now that I’m back to alternating between HIIT and running every other day, I’m hoping my results will accelerate in the next month. I’m so close to having lost a foot off of my body…just one more half-inch! And I finally lost a bit more off my hips, which were being very stubborn (and are the area I most want to shrink). The other results are unsurprising; lost a bit off a few areas while the areas of my body that are already a bit leaner (arms, calves, etc.) stayed the same. Very pleased with this month!


Weight: 150.4 (-1, -6.4 net)

Yay! I’m relieved there was a little progress these past 2 weeks even though I had to skip working out for various reasons, and also ate poorly for lunches. But I’m back to working out every day and am ready to kick some butt! It’s freaking hot in SoCal right now, but I still went on a 3.5 mile run :)


June 25: No weigh in this week because it’s been a bad time for exercise! First I was injured and skipped about 5 days…then when I got back to it I was so sore I skipped 2 days… THEN I got a tattoo, and the skin was so tight and uncomfortable that I was just doing low-impact leg stuff for several days. It’s no joke… A couple days after the tattoo, I moved my arm too quickly and the scab split down the center! Super painful and I didn’t want to risk scarring (on, you know, something that will be on me forever), so I waited a couple more days before doing any arm workouts. Today was my first day back at HIIT, and I’m super tired but I feel great! This week I get catered lunches at work ALL week, so it hasn’t been a great week, food-wise… I eat healthy/small breakfast/snacks/dinner, but obviously that can’t make up for eating a fatty sandwich at lunch or something. They’ve been providing us with really nice salads too, so I guess tomorrow and the rest of the week I need to cover my plate in salad and take a small piece of whatever caloric entree they have. I’ve just been stoked they have anything vegetarian at all!

June 26: Feel so good to be back working out! Man, I missed this. I’m trying to be really good for the next week or so, since I have an event on the 4th of July weekend that I want to look my best for. I’m not into crash diets, but maybe trying really hard to eat clean will help me with the food trouble I’ve been having lately :/ I fear I may have gotten stuck in the mindset of “I’m never going to be thin and have nice legs, so why bother?” It may be deep in my mind. Every time I look in the mirror and see tons of cellulite I feel so defeated. Even knowing that it is totally normal….I still feel like I’ll never be able to wear a swimsuit or short cute dresses or anything. Bah. California is full of such beautiful women, I feel like a beached whale compared to most of the ladies here.

June 27: Going to try running for the first time in quite a while. I’m getting a little bored of working out in my bedroom! Might be good to get outside. Asked a friend who did cross country for a long time about any running tips, and after he told me some he said, “Don’t work too hard, or you’ll be too cute for your own good.” OH YOU.

June 28: I guess I was always under the assumption that running was ONLY good for cardio and nothing else, but I am really sore! And since I work out so frequently anyway, I feel like that’s pretty significant. I’m doing this 5k training program on this cool running app I found, I figure that’s a good place to start. Having scheduled workouts is key for me to actually do them. Today is rest but tomorrow is a 45 minute walk/jog (so I’ll go 3-4 miles in that time)…and weigh-in!

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